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Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee serves as the audit arm of the credit union. Five credit union members are selected by the Board of Directors to serve on the Supervisory Committee. The committee engages the CPA firm that conducts an annual financial statement audit and the verification of member accounts.

If you have a question about your statement, activity on your account, or other service-related matters you have not been able to resolve using normal credit union channels, then you may submit your concern in writing to the Supervisory Committee. The Supervisory Committee will be happy to investigate your question.

Supervisory Committee

  • Rashika Weerasena, Chairman
  • Alex Behlman
  • John Michels
  • Sue Motyka
  • Sheree Jones
  • Kevin Davis - Alternate
  • Carl Pakerson - Alternate
  • Chris Saykes - Alternate

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