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Scam Alert

We have recently become aware of two scams that are being operated using the name of the FRB Federal Credit Union.

1.   You have been awarded a grant

A non-member received a phone call purportedly from the "FRB Credit Union (FRB CU)" announcing that he had been awarded a grant, BUT that he had to send a $500.00 check in order to receive the grant. The FRB Federal Credit Union does not award grants, and will never ask you to send money in order to receive a grant.

2.   Fraudulent e-mails from ""

This e-mail address is not used by the FRB Federal Credit Union. Members will never receive an official e-mail from that address. Please do not open any attachments or click on any links sent from this address.

If you receive any communications from the Credit Union that seem suspicious, please don't hesitate to call us at 202-452-2800 to verify their authenticity.