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American Express® Travelers Cheques

You can purchase American Express® Travelers Cheques from at 1801 K Street and New York Avenue locations.

Why American Express® Travelers Cheques?

  • Safer than cash,
  • Refundable if lost or stolen, usually within 24 hours,
  • Accepted worldwide, and
  • Never expire.

Available in the following combinations:

  • $150 (three $50 Checks),
  • $300 (three $100 Checks),
  • $250 (five $50 Checks),
  • $500 (five $100 Checks),
  • $500 (ten $50 Checks), and
  • $1000 (ten $100 Checks).

Traveling together?

Ask one of our staff about Cheques for Two. You have all the benefits of Travelers Cheques plus a convenient dual signature feature so two people can use them - together or separately.


See our fee schedule for details.
Please remember to sign your travelers cheques in the upper left corner before leaving the credit union.

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