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Membership for Family Members

Who is eligible for membership?

  • Current and retired members, officers, and employees of the Federal Reserve Board;
  • Current and retired employees of Federal Reserve Banks;
  • Employees of contractors who work regularly at the Federal Reserve Board offices in Washington, D.C.;
  • Officers & employees of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection;
  • Employees of the credit union;
  • Members' immediate family or households, including spouses, parents, children, siblings, grandparents, and grandchildren, as well as adoptive children, stepchildren, domestic partners, and roommates; and
  • Organizations of eligible members.

To open an account

  1. Complete the membership application (PDF) to open a Share/Savings Account.
  2. Return the application to one of our branches/locations in person with a minimum $25.00 deposit.

(Please note that retaining $25.00 in your Share (savings) account will prevent a $2.00 monthly service fee and maintain your membership status.)

For joint accounts

You will need to validate the identity of your joint applicant (i.e., husband, spouse, domestic partner) to do so:
  1. Print out the member identification form (PDF).
  2. Have your joint account applicant complete the form and have it notarized.
  3. Return the form to one of the branches/locations, either in person or by mail.
  4. For Visa® debit card, Visa® debit photo card, or ATM card, you will need to have the joint account holder fill out the Visa® debit card application and return it to one of the branches/locations.

Change address

  1. Complete the change address (PDF) form.
  2. Return the form to one of the branches/locations, either in person or by mail.
Download Membership Agreements and Disclosures (PDF):
Please note outside members will need to be cleared with security. Credit Union staff can provide an escort at the Martin Building. Call 202-452-3871 to set up your escort.

Membership Services

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