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Direct Deposit

Direct deposit at the credit union is a great way to get your money working for you right away. Contact your employer’s HR or payroll office or instructions. Within the Federal Reserve System, you can direct your payroll to the credit union through PeopleSoft. Your employer will need the credit union’s routing transit number (254-074581) and your account number. Because your employer handles the transfer of funds, your payroll department must handle all changes to your direct deposit, including halting it.

When will my payroll deposits begin?

The credit union cannot determine when your first payroll deposit will be made. Once you have submitted the paperwork to your payroll department, they may require pre-noting. Your payroll department should be able to answer any questions regarding timing.

What is pre-noting?

Pre-noting is a series of tests made to ensure that electronic funds transfers, such as payroll deposits, can be made error free.

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