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Visa Debit Card Uses & Limits

To activate your debit card or change your PIN, call (800) 992-3808

The Visa® Debit Card offers you great features with the added benefit of no monthly fee. While other institutions charge for your accounts and your cards, we've kept them free.

You can pay for goods and services wherever the visa Debit Card is accepted at stores, online, or over the phone. You can access your Money fee-free at CO-OP Network® and Alliance One ATM Network machines.

Additional benefits of your Visa Debit Card:

  • Easy to use - More readily accepted than checks (especially out of state or country).
  • Great for travel - frees you from carrying large amounts of cash.
  • No monthly or Point-of -Sale transactions fees.
  • Complete transaction record with your combined monthly statement.
  • Option to select your own ATM PIN (Personal Identification Number) at our ATM's..

As of 1/1/2018 networks you can use include: Star, Accel/Exchange, VISA Plus, and Cirrus.

  • Withdraw funds from your share and share draft accounts.
  • Transfer funds from your share and share draft accounts.
  • Obtain balance information for your share and share draft accounts.
  • Access CU Line account.
  • Make POS (point-of-sale) transactions with your Card and PIN (Personal Identification Number) to purchase goods or services at merchants that accept VISA.
  • Order goods or services by mail or telephone from places that accept VISA.

The following limitations on the frequency and amount of VISA Debit Card transactions may apply:

  • ATM withdrawals may not exceed $610.00 per day (share, share draft and line of credit combined), subject to the available funds in Your Account.
  • POS transactions may not exceed $2,500.00 per day (share, share draft and line of credit combined).

For detailed disclosure review the FRB FCU's Membership & Account Agreement (PDF) and Funds Availability Policy (PDF) to determine the overdraft protection policy and the availability of funds deposited.

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