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Personal Loans

Our personal loans can be used anytime you need to borrow money.

These loans may be used for personal or private needs, such as medical, dental, or household expenses; school supplies; clothing; weddings; and other family events, such as vacations, consolidated expenses, etc.

And since we're a credit union and not a bank, the money you use to pay your loan returns to you in the form of free or low-cost services. It's like putting the money back in your own pocket!

The FRB Federal Credit Union has personal loans to address almost every possible need:

  • Personal Signature
    A one-time advance repaid biweekly or monthly.
  • CU Line of Credit
    An open-end loan that you can borrow against up to a predetermined ceiling. It can be used for overdraft protection, etc.
  • Emergency Quick Pay
    A temporary short-term loan repaid over two pay periods. Available to members whose net pay is deposited to the credit union.
  • Thrift Plan Bridge
    A loan to cover the time between the approval of a disbursal of thrift plan funds and the arrival of those funds.

Member Loans

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