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Auto Loans

Thinking of buying a new or used car?

Before you go to the dealership do you homework.
  • Decide on the general size and cost of the vehicle—truck, sports car, or van.
  • Set your price range.
  • Go online to the dealer sites to view prices and options (new autos only) or go to a used car site such as Edmunds, AutoTrader, etc.
  • Pop into the credit union and double check the data with the pricing books in the loan department.
  • Get pre-approved.

NADA New and Used Auto Research Leaving FRB FCU Credit Union

Recording the Credit Union’s Lien

The loan terms require you to ensure that the credit union be listed as the sole lien holder on the vehicle title.'Title Only States' will list the credit union’s lien on the title and the title will be retained by the credit union. States that provide a title and a security notice will list the credit union on both documents and you will receive the title listing the credit union’s lien. Should you receive a title that does not list the credit union’s lien it is imperative that you contact the credit union immediately.

How do I apply? Get pre-approved today.

Come in and speak with one of our expert loan officers to get pre-approved…then you'll have one less thing to worry about negotiating when you find the exact vehicle you want.

Required Insurance Coverage

You must maintain collision and comprehensive insurance coverage in full force for the life of the loan.  The credit union must be listed as the loss payee:   ‘FRB Federal Credit Union, ATIMA’.  The credit union must receive a notice to that effect.  The insurance deductible may not exceed $500.00 unless you maintain the difference between the chosen deductible and $500.00 in a Share Account.

You may select your own insurance carrier.  Many of our members have enjoyed the special discount offered to our members through TruStage® Auto and Homeowners Insurance Leaving FRB FCU Credit Union.  The property and casualty coverage solution has provided coverage for many credit union members across the USA.
Convenient e-service, pay your bill or make changes to your policy, even report a claim. Receive fast, easy access to claims service 24-hours a day.

Other Insurance Protection

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP Plus)
Don't get caught filling the gap in the case of an accident! Get the insurance that pays the difference between your insurer's settlement and your loan balance.

Mechanical Repair Coverage
For a few dollars a month, you can protect your vehicle and your finances from expenses that could total hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Types of auto loans we currently offer:

  • New
  • Used
  • Previously Leased,
  • Transfer to Credit Union
  • Debt Restructure.

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