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Share Draft (Checking)

The term "share draft" comes from the act of writing a "draft" (another term for a check) against a "share" account a member of the Credit Union has opened.

How do I open a share draft checking account?

In order to open a share draft checking account, you are required to purchase a $25.00 share to be maintained in your Share Savings Account.

Benefits of a Share Draft Account

Earns monthly dividend - Prospetctive dividends are specified at the begining of the month. Your Board of Directors declares the dividend at the end of each month for deposit to your share account. Please refer to the section on dividends starting at 'Rate information' for more information.

Limitations apply.

Checking rates
Effective December 1, 2019

Category Rate
Prospective dividend rate 0.01%
Annual percentage yield (APY) 0.01%
Dividend compounded Daily
Dividend period Monthly
Minimum opening deposit N/A
Minimum balance to earn stated APY Daily balance
Balance method Daily
Account limitations None


ACH Dispute Form (updated)

Visa Debit Card Dispute

Member Share Accounts

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Open an account

One application is all that is needed to enroll for all of the following:
  • Share Draft
  • Checking and savings
  • Online account access
  • Phone account access
  • Visa® debit/photo/ATM card

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